Belgium has a great chance of going far in the Euros according to Michael Laudrup

Former Danemark international has told Belgium media that their national team can go far in the Euros.

He said that Belgium have a good team at the moment compared to the past and that they can have a good tournament. Belgium have a lot of good players that play in the biggest clubs, and this could be an advantage for them.

Michael Laudrup said that he likes a lot of Belgium players and that he has followed their career closely.

First of all, he said that Eden Hazard is clearly a world-class player. Although Hazard has had a difficult year at Chelsea this year, he believes that he remains a dangerous player that can cause problems to any defence in the world.

Laudrup said that Belgium also have a quality goalkeeper in Courtois, and this can bring confidence to the defence. He said that the Belgium midfield also has quality players such as Dembele, Witsel, and Fellaini that can not only defend but also attack.

For him, Belgium will have to perform against the big teams such as France, Germany, and Spain if they want to have a chance of going far in the trophy. He said that this is a unique generation for Belgium and that they should make the most of it and aim for the trophy.

He said that the team also have plenty experiences and that they should not feel overwhelmed with the pressure of a big tournament. For him, Belgium has the necessary qualities to be a serious contender for the trophy and that they will need to believe in themselves. At the moment, he said Belgium have a great team on paper, but they need to perform on the pitch at the Euros.