The MLS need new media rights deal, properly negotiated, before the current contract lapses in 2022 for more clubs to break even, as per reports. Of the 24 teams in the American Topflight, only a few were able to make any money last term, even the league commissioner Don Garber admitted.Garber expects the revenue from the media deal to increase, especially when compared to other leagues generating way more. After celebrating 25 years, the MLS is seeking to push up the media revenue slice of its total generation.

The league has been able to attract attention, pull in investment capital and keen investors such as NFL owners of New England Patriots’ Robert Kraft and Atlanta Falcon’s Arthur Blank. The league keeps attracting investments in soccer academies to develop and nurture talent, funds to build stadiums and sign top players. Six more teams and seven soccer stadiums are set to be added in 2022, helping the league be more competitive.

The MLS hope the league will be one of the top sports in the country and go on to compete with the top soccer leagues in the world such as the Premier League, Serie A, and the La Liga.With other leagues in America also negotiating new media deals, the MLS will need to standout to get the desired kind of deal it wants. The NFL rights is set for auction in 2022 while NHL is seeking a new deal in 2021.

Garber is counting on the strong demographic advantage of 18 – 34-year-old compared to other top sports in America. He believes this would interest advertisers and those targeting the youthful market in America.The league currently set its 50th birthday sights on overthrowing the Premier League, La Liga and Serie A as the most successful league.