Former Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson recently released an autobiography he criticised several of his former players including stars like David Beckham and Roy Keane.

There were a lot of details about the confrontations that took place in the dressing room. Swansea manager Michael Laudrup is of the opinion that Ferguson should have never told about such things in a book because things that happen in the dressing room are meant to stay there.

He says that the players, staff, and manager all forms part of a group and things are said between them with the knowledge that it will not go out one day. The Scot has spoiled his creditworthiness by releasing such a book according to Laudrup, who has said that he would never reveal the dressing room talk between him and his players in the form of a book later in his career. Laudrup is also of the opinion that Ferguson could have chosen to say a lot of good things like tactical analysis or the manner of hardfought victories.

After having been the manager of Manchester United for more than 25 years, he would have had a lot of experience with such aspects. It is a shame according to Laudrup that Ferguson has chosen to criticise his former player rather than come out with such things.

"I think that when you are part of a football team it is group. That means the players and the staff, including the manager and all that administration. You are a group and the bigger things from the outside always try to come in, and as a manager you always say 'okay we have to try to be a group' and then suddenly a few years later things about that come out in books or in interviews," said Laudrup.