Laudrup - Barcelona are vulnerable

The former Barcelona and Denmark midfielder has conceded that Barcelona players might be vulnerable after their defeat against fierce rivals Real Madrid.

Barcelona, who currently have a six points lead over Athletico Madrid and a seven point one over Real Madrid, were beaten 2-1 in El Clasico. The latest betting odds at StanJames suggest that this is a race that is far from over.

Michael Laudrup believes that the defeat in this important game will be leaving scars on the players and that this can negatively affect them in this crucial period of the season.

However, he does not think that the players will surrender a six-point lead at this stage of the season, though it should be interesting to see how they respond.

Laudrup agrees that Real Madrid deserved the win - they were the better side over the course of the match and they will take a lot of confidence from this game. He stated that Barcelona started the match well but then surrendered control to Real Madrid. Indeed, Madrid came back from being 1-0 down and then equalized. They were even down to 10 men and instead they took the lead.

Goals from Karim Benzema and Cristiano Ronaldo helped Real Madrid overcome their fierce rivals at the Nou Camp. Gerard Pique opened the scoring for Barcelona in the 56th minute, but it was not enough to give them the win.

Barcelona are also playing in the Champions League and will be facing Atletico Madrid in the next round. Both teams know each other very well given their frequent clashes in La Liga, and it will be interesting to see how Barcelona plays in this kind of game.

It is very likely that Madrid will be looking to replicate Real Madrid’s tactics - they will want to wait for Barcelona to come for them and then hit them on the break.