Last month Michael Laudrup was sacked from his coaching position in Swansea City and already he is being linked with other clubs which could be his next challenge.

The 49 years Old Danish tactician has responded to the rumors which were linking him with a potential move to Camp Nou as reports are claiming that he is a true candidate on taking charge of the club if Gerardo Martino is unable on winning either La Liga or the Champions League in this season.

When asked whether he wanted to coach the Catalan giants one day, Laudrup answered: "The answer is obvious, but we mustn't be influenced by rumors .So many things could happen. They're playing for everything in a few weeks’ time and anything could happen," he said.

Another rumor which has been popping up is QPR considering replacing Harry Redknapp with Michael Laudrup but it does seem as is Danish tactician is more interested in taking charge Barcelona if the opportunity does open up.

Gerardo Martino has been under a lot of pressure recently but after claiming a 4-3 victory against Real Madrid, Messi has helped the newly appointed coach on brushing off much of the pressure and tension which has been building up in recent times as the Argentine wonder-kid secured a hat-trick which helped Barcelona on winning the crucial match.

Martino and Barcelona still have their work cut out as they have face off against Athletic Madrid and will need to pick up more positive results if they want to win La Liga title in this season and if Gerardo Martino is not able to live up to the expectations, a new coach may be on the horizon and Laudrup is a true candidate.