Laudrup Sacked!

Michael Laudrup was sacked from his position in Swansea City and the Premier League club has now elected to go with Garry Monk as their head coach. The former defender stated that he is prepared for his first job in charge of a team.

'I think the bottom line is, out of all the advice I have had, the most important bit is that they have just said be yourself, don't try and be something else. For me it has to be that way. You have to learn from what you have done, and that is what I am going to do’’.

'I have it clear in my mind what I want, and though I am not going to say it's going to be easy to get there, I will try to get there’’.

Garry Monk seems to know what he is going to do in his new position in the club but Michel Laudrup’s future remains unclear but there is a rumor which is edging him closer and closer to West Ham.

The last 8 matches of West Ham concluded with 6 of them being defeats and the playing style that Allardyce is trying to implement in the team is something that the fans are not agreeing with and this is pretty obvious with the banners and shouts that can be heard and seen during the last few home matches that were played before the conclusion of the season.

Even if West Ham still continues the next campaign with Sam Allardyce in charge, there are a number of clubs in the Premier League that are suffering from changes in the managerial position.

Cardiff City recently had Malky Mackay sacked, Crystal Palace saw Ian Holloway walking out from his position in the club and things continue on with Fulham, Manchester United, Swansea City, Sunderland and Tottenham are having to seek out new managers.