Laudrup sacked because of agent

With Swansea City struggling at the wrong end of the Premier League table, fans cannot help themselves thinking how it all went wrong for their club.

Indeed it was not long ago that the club won the League Cup in 2013 and now all these memories seem to be far away.

It was Michael Laudrup who was at the head of the club at that time, and there were even signs of better things to come. Soon after the manager was sacked and the club entered a period of decline with Swansea City not flirting with relegation.

It has been revealed that it was not the manager that was at fault but rather his agent. The latter was guilty of taking some big commissions from transfer dealings, and this is what caused a problem between Laudrup and the team.

In a leaked document, it is revealed that Laudrup did not want to sign players without the involvement of his agent and that there are some indications that the agent was taking a commission on each player brought in.

According to Swansea City, Michael Laudrup was placing his interest above those of the club and that this was the main reason why he was sacked. This was a bad news for Swansea City’s fans as Michael Laudrup was a great manager and that the club was making some real progress under him.

They will be hoping that Swansea City could find a manager of similar caliber to help the team go forward. They will want to believe that the club still has some good foundation and that with the right person at the head of the club they will manage to keep their Premier League status and continue their development as it was under Michael Laudrup.