Laudrup Sees Ben Davis as Wales Star

Michael Laudrup has a strong belief in Ben Davies, who is a defender he selected from the academy football, to win against the Tottenham Hotspur for the cup of Champions League. Spurs will face Liverpool in final of 2018-19 at Madrid. The 1992 winner of European cup alongside Barcelona, Laudrup the ex-Swansea city boss claims Spurs’ are the contenders for record making. In the BBC sport Wales interview, Laudrup stated a fair chance should be given to them for lifting the trophy.

David has an aim to become the 7th Welsh footballer for winning the biggest prize of European football after Jess Fishlock, Gareth Bale, Ryan Giggs, Jayne Ludlow, Ian Rush, and Joey Jones. In the League Cup of 2012-13, his career shined after his gratuitous help to Laudrup's Triumph of Swansea. Laudrup resorted to Davies followed by the discovery of Neil Taylor, Swansea's consistent left-back who had suffered a grave ankle injury.

Laudrup said that it was the then Swansea manager, Alan Curtis who had told him about Ben. So he decided to watch him play and that’s the moment he saw potential in him. He also praised him for being the great young professional player, and his dedication to being better every day. Ben has proven to be football-intelligent. This means that he knows his moves and tactics to apply at the right time and at the right place. Not only this, he has impressive skills and great pace, which is considered as essential in his position because other than defending, there is compulsory participation required for the attacking.

Laudrup thinks Tottenham considers it the same way when it comes to Ben, analyzing his consistency in the team. It’s not only the talent that takes you forward, but you also need the best of a manager to follow the footsteps, to take you closer to success and here Laudrup considers Ben really lucky for the proper guidance he received.