Michael Laudrup is pleased about Swansea City’s progression

The 50 year old Danish manager Michael Laudrup was selected as the coach of Swansea City on June of 2012 and during this time, the Premier League club managed to reach milestones as there was a short period of time when Swansea City clinched the top spot of the Premier League and the club recorded record profits of around £14.2 million.

It was a very impressive first season for Michael Laudrup as he guided Swansea City to the 9th spot of the top tier English League. Another huge accomplishment for the English club during the time that Laudrup was in charge of the team was winning the League Cup Final in February of 2013 as Swansea City defeated Bradford City with an overwhelming scoreboard of 5-0.

Winning the League Cup was the first major piece of silverware that Swansea City had secured in their history and this was done when Laudrup was the coach of the team. It seemed like Laudrup had formed a close relationship with the fans of the club and the head chiefs of Swansea City after having reached these impressive feats for the team but the Danish manager was sacked on February of 2014 after Swansea City was located in the bottom spots of the Premier League in that season.

Even though Laudrup was sacked, the Danish coach stated that he is still happy and pleased to see Swansea City performing well in the Premier League as they are located well above the relegation zone and have secured important victories over: Manchester United, Arsenal and Southampton.

Michael Laudrup expressed his joy in seeing Swansea City competing at a high level in the Premier League as the Danish tactician told reporters: "They have changed a little, a lot of the players I brought are not there anymore and their style has changed a little. They have had a very good season in the Premier League this season, I have to say. I am happy for that."

Laudrup is currently the manager of the Qatari club, Lekhwiya but his contract expires at the end of the season and when Laudrup was asked about what he is going to do after his time at Qatar, he replied by saying that he has to sit down and listen to all the clubs who make an offer for him and then he will make up his mind.