Former Arsenal Prima Dona who believed he was the best thing
to come out of Denmark since Michael Laudrup has said that former Gunners skipper Theirry Henry couldn’t
shut him up during their playing days at Arsenal.

Lord Bendtner who would later on grow wings without talents
proved his mean attitude was always a constant feature since his early days at
North London.

With what looks like an exclusive snippet from his latest
book, the Danes exemplifies it the life at the Gunners academy, an altercation
with Legend Thiery Henry and the night life exuberance of North London.

Besides his Danish royalty being true or not, NiklasBendtner has always been that kind of kid that was made to feel special throughout his childhood and his smug attitude even when player his worst football for the Gunners more than proved it. The former Arsenal striker admits that not being made to feel special throughout his time in North London was a tough pill to swallow.

At the Academy, on Tuesdays and Thursdays, it’s like being
at the school where we would take press management classes and financial
lectures. It was a bit stressful but indeed it was rewarding.

The Danish striker also admits to missing trainings on purpose just for the fun of it. Perhaps that was one of the many reasons he couldn’t do well at Arsenal, he refuses to see anything wrong with his bizarre behaviour and next to nothing disregard of rules.

That wasn’t the end of the brawl, as David Court greatly
misunderstood me and couldn’t obviously stand my sight. I was more like a thorn
in his flesh as he perceived that I was over-bearing.  He once ripped my baseball cap off my head
and stamped on it on the ground when I came in for training.